Charlotte Brody takes the thoughtful approach to fashion. Our goal is to help our clients prepare for all facets of their lives. Whether a mother a business woman a philanthropist or all three we are dedicated to helping you be confident and prepared for your worlds. We have seasonal collections for your weekend and daily needs. Our personalized and made to order services will help you create pieces that are truly your own for all other occasions.

We believe in living an unprecedented life. Our aim is to delight and exceed your expectations.


My grandmother Charlotte Brody believed that nature would strengthen the soul. She was a national rose judge, a master gardener and has created a The Children’s Discovery Garden in the Duke University Botanical Garden to teach children the importance of nature. We follow in the path of Charlotte Brody in trying to preserve our Earth. We reject fast fashion and endeavor to reduce throw away culture by producing clothing that is made to last. By creating our pieces in a mindful manner in New York City we reduce the environmental impact of our production while enhancing the beauty of this world.

We aim for our creations to be a treasured part of your wardrobe for years to come.


We are honored to work with many talented artisans. For our personalized and made to order creations clients choose from a selection of the highest quality fabrics from some of the most renowned European fabric houses as well as unique details created by our embroiders and in house artists. Through our personalized and made to order services we celebrate true luxury, and the artisanal while honoring the long tradition of art in fashion.